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Walk-in Neck and Back Pain Center

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Pregnancy spinal care 

Methods used: Gonstead, Webster & Bagnell breech baby

Dr. Helland was born in Stanley, ND.  He is a 2002 graduate from Northwestern College of Chiropractic.  He first started receiving chiropractic care when he was  only 10 years old because his parents wanted him to have a "straight" spine and to keep healthy.  Their decision guided him to become a chiropractor.  When he was in the fourth grade, his class was asked to draw a picture of what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Most of the other boys drew a picture of a policemen or a firemen.  Dr. Helland drew a picture of a guy laying face down on a table with a pair of hands on his back.  His teacher wasn't sure what to think of this, so she asked him what this was supposed to be.  He replied, "When I grow up, I want to be a chiropractor!"

This was the start of a long road which has now ended up in Colorado Springs.  After graduation, he practiced for a year in St. Paul, MN, learning from mentors to become proficient in the Gonstead system, and he also attended many Gonstead clinic seminars.  He move to Colorado Springs in 2003 and has since loved taking care of this community's health.

He loves adjusting kids of all ages, since he himself has recognized the benefits of being adjusted since a young age.


What made him choose Gonstead as his preferred chiropractic method?

Dr. Helland has struggled with asthma most of his life.  Even though he went to the chiropractor regularly since he was 10 years old, he still had issues with his asthma acting up around cats or while running.  It wasn't until he was in chiropractic college and met a very experienced Gonstead doctor that he got relief from his exercised induced asthma.  This old Gonstead doctor found a mis-aligned vertebra in his spine that all the other chiropractors, including the ones from his college, missed.  His mentor adjusted this bone and within a couple of months of regular adjusting he could run and have NO ASTHMA symptoms!  This was a huge eye opener for Dr. Helland, and he has dedicated the rest of his chiropractic study to learning the Gonstead Methodology.